A Confession Letter

You’ve probably written letters before. But have you ever written a confession letter? I bet you’re confused. You basically write a letter to someone that has been bugging you about stuff lately. When you don’t want to talk about it face to face, here is another alternative.

I only written a confession letter once, and it was recent. Basically, my friend and I ¬†were really close since the beginning of high school. And in the middle of Junior year, it all changed. A new girl came into our group of friends and spent more time with her than me. Then the changes happened. She started acting differently and did things that I never thought she’ll do. And when me and the new girl ever had a disagreement, she will always take her side. So after that we became distant and not as close as before. And more things have happened after that.

This year my other close friend I decided to write her a letter. Just to tell her everything that has been on our minds an how we felt. We poured our hearts into this letter. Bringing back some good memories and silly times. Once we were finally done, we sent it to her. She read the letter. I haven’t mentioned it to her about it. I want her to feel comfortable and when the time is right, she’ll mention it to me. Hopefully soon.

Have you ever wanted to say something to a person on how you felt and had no idea how to do it. I recommend doing this. Whether to a friend, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend or your dog. I felt really good doing this. And I hope you will too if you ever do this. Best of luck!

Until next time, Ames xx